Executive Men's Manicure

The treatment begins with a hydrating soak to add moisture to your skin and nails, then nail shaping and cuticle care. Prior to the application of a protein nail coat or a buff, you will receive a stimulating hand and forearm massage. This treatment is designed for any man who wants to enhance the appearance of his hands and nails.

Executive Men's Manicure - 45min $30.00


Executive Men's Pedicure

A basic pedicure to relax your busy day. Includes cuticle work, callus filing, and an exfoliating scrub to soften tough skin. We finish with a deep foot massage.

Executive Men's Pedicure - 75min $47.00


The Two For

Take an extra long break and get it all done in one shot!

Pedicure and Manicure - 90min $70.00


Athlete's Body Scrub

Take care of your body head to toe. An exfoliating scrub removes debris and roughness. A peel is left on to polish and smooth the skin. Your full body treatment is finished with a light massage to lock in moisture and leave you feeling relaxed.

Athlete's Body Scrub - 60min $70.00


Back Buff

For all skin types including, acne, dry, sensitive
Perfect for troubled skin. Men are especially prone to problem skin on the back. Let us take care of you and leave your skin touchably smooth. Includes a wash, exfoliation, mask and massage. All products are customized to your specific skin type.

Back Buff - 45min $55.00


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage targets the deep tissue structure of the fascia and muscles focusing on the release of muscle tension and chronic knots. Deep Tissue Massage breaks up and releases the built-up toxins by loosening the muscles. With the toxins released, blood and oxygen can circulate as they should through one’s body.

Deep Tissue Massage - 30min $60.00
Deep Tissue Massage - 60min $90.00


Half Time Facial

Just need a good scrub? Half the time but all the relaxation. We start with a cleanser to clear off dirt and pollution. We then choose an exfoliant that will smooth the skin and remove built-up oil and bacteria. We finish with a custom mask to sooth any skin type.

Half Time Facial - 50min $55.00


Shaving Solution Facial

This facial is for the most common skin complaint among men. Shaving poses different issues for men causing all kinds of irritation to the skin. This facial is specifically meant to sooth skin and reduce breakouts cause from shaving. As well as having better skin, you will learn how to treat your symptoms at home so your shaving problems will no re-occur.

Shaving Solution Facial - 85min $95.00


Sandblaster Facial

Great to help rid you of flaking, itchy and tight feeling skin. We start with a deep exfoliation to buff away any dirt and pollution. We then add an AHA fruit pulp peel to slough off dead skin cells that can build up causing breakouts and irritation. After a final deep hydration mask your skin will feel as smooth as a fresh shave.

Sandblaster Facial - 85min $105.00


Hot Lime Cleansing Facial

Treat acne and clogged pores at the source with this extremely cleansing and stimulating facial. Relax under steam while a softening solution melts away debris and oil around the edges of your pores. If you want extractions this is the facial for you. We spend our time making sure to release every clogged pore we see.

Hot Lime Cleansing Facial - 85min $105.00


Desperado for Fewer Wrinkles

You don’t need to become a father time. Get back at gravity with this face firming facial. Using the most stimulating ingredients, fine lines with be plumped, skin will show color and feel firm.

Desperado for Fewer Wrinkles - 85min $110.00


One Shot Too Many

Need a good pick me up? This facial consists of stimulating ingredients and masks that will bring the colour back into your cheeks. We will get rid of that too tired look and have you ready for another night out.

One Shot Too Many - 60min $100.00


Men's Waxing Services 

Mens Brows, Ears, Nose $32.00
Brows $17.00
Nose $12.00
Ears $8.00
Chest $55.00
Shoulders $20.00
Back $40.00
Legs $65.00
Athletes Full Body Wax - legs. arms, back, chest $160.00