Peptides Explained FINALLY!

 Since Eminence Organics released the Arctic Peptide Peel, I have had a lot of inquiries as the what peptides actually do.  So, I thought I would explain it with some detail. 

What is a peptide?  The dictionary defines it as ‘a compound consisting of two or more amino acids linked in a chain, the carboxyl group of each acid being joined to the amino group of the next by a bond of the type -OC-NH-.’, I know, it’s confusing.  Peptides are closely related to proteins, actually in a sense they are the building blocks of protein. They are amino acids linked together by bonds.  Peptides are classified as proteins when there are more then 50 amino acids in a chain. By sending signals to your cells peptides and proteins  are responsible for regulating most physiological processes, including COLLAGEN production, and now its starting to make sense.

What is Collagen? It is a protein. A protein that breaks down as we age.  Collagen breaks down into short chains of amino acids -Peptides.  These peptides signal that your skin is damaged and needs to produce more collagen.  Collagen is important in the aging world because it is responsible for your skins thickness and its youthful plumpness. 


By applying peptides topically we are deceiving the skin into thinking it has been damaged and therefore replenishing its collagen.  This is very important as the breakdown of collagen creates sagging, wrinkles starting with forehead lines, frown lines, crows-feet, smile lines and liplines as well as a loss of suppleness and changes in the color and texture of the skin.  This aging process begins in your 20’s, I know shocking!  So the earlier you start to use peptides the better because Anti-Aging is all about prevention.


The Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream contains botanical peptides from hibiscus seed to restore your elasticity and firmness by boosting collagen production and treating wrinkle depth,while relaxing facial muscles for smoother looking skin.