Ask us about our 15min Complementary Skin Analysis:
Our highly skilled estheticians will provide a thorough analysis of your skin, and recommend a skin care regime suited to you and your skin.

Fire & Ice Facial

For dehydrated, fatigued, devitalized or blemished skin types. Refresh your skin with this uniquely stimulating facial using the detoxifying
Blueberry Peel to infuse natural fruit acids into the skin to achieve a fantastic exfoliation. Cinnamon and Paprika will increase the blood flow to the surface of the skin to remove toxins and rejuvenate tired skin. Enjoy a neck and scalp massage while the stimulating Peel is activating. We will then custom blend a oil and using hot and cold stone Therapy to stimulate lymphatic flow. An organic treatment mask is used leaving your skin brighter, and glowing with a youthful radiance.

3 Treatment series done once a week for best results , 250$

We have blended our Fire & Ice Facial with our Blueberry Peel to give you absolutely glowing results.

Fire & Ice Facial - 75min $130.00

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Fruit-a-licious Hydrating Facial

For all skin types tat are dehydrated.
We start this Yummy facial with our fruit extract based Cleanser and Exfoliator. The gentle yet effective Organic Peel is applied to refine your skin and boost your collagen production while removing any signs of dead and dehydrated skin on the surface. You will be treated to an indulgent hand, arm, and shoulder massage using our signature Hungarian technique while the peel is working. Our antioxidant powerhouse and vitamin rich Hydrating Mask will repair damage using a botanical hyaluronic acid alternative. A deep tissue massage will revitalize and rejuvenate your skin using a customized treatment mask.

Organic Fruit-a-licious Facial - 75min $115.00

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Organic Oxygenating Facial

For blemished, mature, dehydrated, hyper-pigmented, fatigued skins
This active facial assists the skin's oxygen intake thereby stimulating cellular repair and metabolism. Parsley evens the complexion and supplies bioflavonoids to the skin. Cucumber tones and purifies, while honey nourishes and moisturizes. Try it! You'll be amazed at the results.

Organic Oxygenating Facial - 60 minutes $110.00

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Hot Lime Deep Cleansing Facial

Treat acne and clogged pores at the source with this extremely cleansing and stimulating facial. The microdermabrasion action of our Pear and Poppy Seed Polisher buff away all signs of roughness. Then relax under steam while a softening solution melts away debris and oil around the edges of your pores.
If you want extractions this is the facial for you. We spend our time making sure to release every clogged pore we see. Next, your skin is purified with the antibacterial powers of garlic and tomato, while our Lime Stimulating Masque warms your skin as you enjoy a lymphatic massage to remove toxins.
To finish, our Seven Herb Masque heals and reduces any redness, while preventing breakouts for weeks to come.

Hot Lime Cleansing Facial - 75min $120.00

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Organic Anti Aging Facial

Get glowing, youthful skin with high levels of Vitamin C in this incredible lifting and firming facial.
We begin with an organic firming cleanser and exfoliator to remove any surface impurities, while your hands receive an invigorating anti-aging treatment. We then custom blend an essential oil mixture to reduce the signs of aging while you enjoy an acupressure facial and neck massage to improve muscle tone. Next, we treat your skin to our Key Lime Masque, a powerful combination of wild jujube and maral root that will revitalize and lift your skin for a difference you can see and feel!

Anti-Aging Facial - 90 minutes $135.00

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Fresh Face Facial

The “Quick Fix” cleansing, toning, exfoliating, facial mask and moisturizing treatment.

Fresh Face Facial - 45 minutes $70.00

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Men's Shaving Solution Facial

Helps with ingrown hair, razor burn, sensitive, rosacea.

The most common skin complaint among men. Shaving poses different issues for men causing all different kinds of irritation to the skin on a daily basis. This facial is specifically meant to sooth irritated skin and reduce breakouts caused from shaving. As well as having better skin you will learn how to treat your symptoms at home so your shaving problems will not re-occur.

Men's Shaving Solution Facial - 75 $115.00

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