JeSpa Loyalty Points

We Want to Reward You.  Let Us!  It's Easy...

Signing up is easy and free.  Enjoy the rewards of our Loyalty Program on all our products at and in store at JeSpa House of Beauty & Wellness.

  • Receive 500 points just for signing up, that's like finding $5.00 in your pocket.
  • Completely FREE Rewards.
  • As a member of our JeSpa Loyalty Points you will receive samples with every order you make.
  • Custom offers on products you love when you opt in to receive JeSpaShop email.
  • Collect 1 point for every Dollar you spend, making it easy to track your JeSpa Points



    Here’s how it works
    To enjoy free products and rewards, you’ll need to earn JeSpa Points. Get one point for every dollar you spend at and in store at JeSpa House of Beauty and Wellness. Collect 2500 points and redeem for a JeSpa Membership to earn more rewards.  Once you are rewarded with 1000 points, you can begin redeeming them.  Earn points on Specials, Sales and as a JeSpa Member.  

    Redeeming your Points

    Once you have received 1000 JeSpa points, an email will be sent to you explain how you can reward yourself.

    Here is a breakdown of how you will be rewarded:

     $10 Reward 1000 JeSpa Points
     $25 Reward 2000 JeSpa Points
     $100 Reward 5000 JeSpa Points


    How to Join

    Joining is easy, just create an account. Track your JeSpa Points online, and we’ll send an email when you’ve earned a reward.

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