Contouring Neck & Face Cream

Contouring Neck & Face Cream

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Contouring Neck & Face Cream

A treatment cream to revitalize and nourish aging skin. This powerful skin rejuvenating cream contains a synergistic blend of peptides, all five essential growth factors required for repair and rejuvenation, plant-derived Stem Cells and pro-Vitamin Complex. Formulated to boost the stimulation of keratinocyte proliferation to nourish the skin and improving the look of aging and wrinkled skin. Excellent for post treatment rejuvenation and ongoing continued client care at home.


Revitalizes and nourishes aging skin Blend of peptides, bio-source epidermal growth factors and plant derived stem cells Improves fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating cell growth.

Directions for use

Powerful Rejuvenating Neck and Face Cream Peptides | Stem Cells | Growth Factors Apply to face and neck following cleansing and serum application. For best results use twice daily.

Featured Ingredients

  • Bio Placenta (Plant Based)
  • Gardenia Jasminoides Meristem Cell Culture
  • Syniorage™