Repair Crème conditioner

Repair Crème conditioner

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Repair Crème conditioner - Stylist & Chemist notes

*Visibly strengthens and repairs both the cuticle and the scalp * Helps reverse damage from all the chemical treatments * Strengthens clients hair and extends colour life.

* This vegan formula is made with 100% certified organic GMO free plant stem cells to help repair scalp cell damage due to chemicals * Low pH ( 4.5-5.5) with keratin amino acids and cystine repair hair damage from the cortex out * Infuse hair with natural oils and fatty acids to strengthen and repair while adding superior shine. 

Lilac-Syringa Vulgaris

Stem cell extract

  • Helps balance seborrhea

  • Reduces skin blemishes and redness

  • Helps reduce inflammation

Gardina-gardenia Jasminoides

Stem cells

  • Multi-level protection of collagen system

  • Restores the balance collagen turnover

  • Deep replenishing and restructuring treatment

By using Hair pHix Repair Crème scalp cell damage and hair damage will be immediately treated leaving hair healthy, soft and free of damage. Repair Crème replaces your hairs natural essential nutrients and oils. Repair Crème will repair cell damage promoting strong hair rooting and healthy new hair growth. Repair Crème will aid in the production of your scalps natural protective barrier and prevent further environmental damage.