Serum 45

Serum 45

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The latest addition to the TheraGenesis Collection

This hand-crafted lipid serum is designed to envelop your senses, and have a calming effect to help emotions and nourish the skin.

Designed to resolve hormonal breakouts, slow the signs of aging and calm the mind to enjoy your 40’s to the fullest and embrace the experience that only comes with age.

Why Serum 45?

Milestone birthdays are a big deal. Probably because we want to hang a lot of baggage on them like things we want to achieve by a certain age. For some reason, there is something about a number that ends in a zero which feels more important and powerful.

The 40’s bring the first signs of hormonal fluctuations and associated changes and sometimes they are challenges. Keeping your internal heat down so you can sleep, body changes and menstrual issues and of course the changes in your skin showing the early signs of ageing, are all a natural part of the perimenopausal journey.

When you feel under pressure juggling life’s priorities, the added stress can contribute to hormonal fluctuations, that ultimately are reflected in the quality of your sleep and the appearance of your skin. Fine Lines – Acne – Drier Skin Using the astounding benefits of plant-based oils and the rebalancing power of essential oils, this handcrafted serum contains an aromatic infusion to calm the mind and the emotions while achieving more vibrant, hydrated and resilient skin.

Your 40’s are also a decade that for many brings serious wisdom. It’s a decade that brings confidence, the ability to feel less guilty, especially about doing things that you don’t want to do. It can feel OK to ‘cruise’ a little at the work level or step away from relationships that don’t give you anything back. 

Your 40’s are a time to shine, bathe in the knowledge and experience that comes only with age, let the pressures of life ebb and flow with the security of knowing that situations will evolve and change, whether you are controlling them or not and to let it be.


Nourishing, regenerative, moisturizing Neutralizes free radical damage with a large content of antioxidants. non-comedogenic, it won’t clog your pores and will help with acne and blemishes. Promotes emotional stability, reduces irritability, moodiness, frustration, anger and anxiety

Directions for use

To use an inhalation, apply a few drops of the synergy to the finger pads and hold over the client’s nose. Instruct the client to take three deep breaths. For Lymph drainage, apply 5 –6 drops to the fingerpads. Apply to the skin using a press and roll technique.

Size: 25ml